Are flies dangerous?

Flies are a carrier of disease. Their entire bodies are covered with millions of bacteria which when a fly lands on your food it transfers the bacteria to the food. This is the primary way flies transmit disease.
Flies can transmit typhus, dysentary, and tuberculosis.

How do I use Fli Away?

Attach a Fli-Away strip on each corner of the entrance. When flies are drawn to the door they are suddenly repelled from the doorway. The strips are manufactured in a way that confuses the flies vision. The flies are made to feel as if there is a predator near, and this is what repels the flies from the entrance.

Is Fli Away non-toxic?

Fli Away is an effective fly control system. It’s produced in United States and is non-toxic and ecologically sound. The best way to solve a fly problem in your restaurant , your RV, Grocery store, receiving dock and even at home. Perfect fly control.